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Leadership is a mind-set not a job-title.

    I believe we can see leadership as a mind-set, a way of thinking, behaving, and acting, so in reality it’s not always about the job-title; you don’t always need a team or a project to lead, you can lead with your ideas, insights, and inspiration to create change and open minds to new ways of thinking.

    As Albert Einstein once said;

    “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them!”

    What we need are people who think, or lead in new ways, with new ways of looking at things to create the change we want to see in this world. I am inviting you to consider that ‘leadership programmes’ are for all of us, not just the few with it in their job title!

    But first, why do we need programmes that focus on leadership in the first place?

    Let me share some facts;

    • 55% of all working days lost were due to work-related ill-health because of stress, depression, or anxiety. This equates to 17 million days lost!
    • Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety than men. This is important because about ⅔ of charity workforce identify as women.
    • 44% of charities have identified burnout as a significant risk to their operations.

    We need leaders who can steer us through these turbulent times without burning out and to do this they need to be able to access, and use all the tools at their disposal not “navigate the world with one hand behind our backs,” as Nicholas Janni suggests in his book Leaders as Healer (winner of The Business Book Awards 2023)

    To lead with confidence, we need to connect and bring together the powers of not just the ‘doing’ part of our brain that is all about taking action, driven by our rational, analytical and strategic thinking – drawing on all we have learnt, our expertise and experience. But also, the ‘being’ part of ourselves that is open and receptive to our emotional and sensing self, the part that we may call intuition, a feeling or sense of something beyond what we can see.

    It is when we stop limiting ourselves and start to use all the intelligence, all the resources we have access to can we truly bring our true self, our full power into the workplace. When we truly listen to all that is being said (and not being said) we start ‘doing’ from a more informed place.

    How can we start to use all we have to offer right from our first role, to help us step up or speak out when this is called for and to confidently know when it’s time for change whether this a way of doing something, a new job, a whole new career or you just want to learn how to notice and navigate your thoughts that can stop us in our tracks.

    Coaching is one way to help us connect our doing and being parts of our brain. To be more specific, coaching in partnership.

    Coaching that is in partnership with leadership programme as it is at Fundraising Everywhere’s on-demand ‘confident leadership programme’ and don’t forget this programme is for you whether you are leading a team, or project or just wanting to have your ideas and insights heard, so you can inspire others with your leadership. I have brought together a team of experienced coaches who have all worked across the charity sector to support you – each Fundraising Every Member, whether you access the leadership programme or not can benefit from 30mintues of FUNDED coaching. Are you a member yet, if not follow this link Affiliate link (another great opportunity they offer to collaborators like me).

    Coaching that is in partnership with helping you find your next role, that is offered to help youhit the ground running’ in your new job. I am told by clients that their coaching provided the space and time to work through past experiences, validated decisions making today so helped increase the confidence they had in themselves, providing the best start possible in their new role.

    Does this sound like something you would like to feel as you start a new role? Well, this is what WR Fundraising Recruitment provide, not just help finding your next great fundraising job but also coaching with me.

    What could you expect from coaching? These are some of the ways my clients have shared that coaching has benefited them;

    • Less fear and anxiety – calm the inner voice that says ‘I can’t’ and turn it into, ‘lets get going.’
    • Less fear of setbacks – develop more coping skills to handle when things don’t go to plan!
    • Improved relationships – by being less focused on yourself, you can turn your full attention to others.
    • Improved sense of self – celebrate what you have achieved, and accept what you are less good at (you could learn new skills through Fundraising Everywhere confident leaders programme – are you a member yet?

    When we feel more confident in ourselves, we are better able to deal with conflict, to communicate clearly, take feedback better and help create happier workplaces where people can thrive not just survive.

    P.S If you’re reading this thinking you would like to chat more, about partnerships, coaching or just to explore more connection, find me on LinkedIn (don’t forget to tell me why connecting, I love to know ????) or email talk@sarahtitecoaching,com

    Stats from range of sources including, Health and Safety Executive, Mental Health Foundation, TFN, Charity Digital, Deloitte, Clear Company, Bright HR and ICF.

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