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Have some questions about whether coaching with me is the right step for you? Read on…

How can I trust you know what you are talking about?

I have worked in the charity sector for over 30 years starting as a volunteer at Oxfam, moving to London to work as Fundraising Assistant at Coram, from there I have worked at WaterAid, Marie Curie Cancer Care, The Aspinall Foundation and most recently as Director of Fundraising and Communications at Mental Health Foundation. I have been leading and supporting teams for over 20 of these years, so likely to have encountered the same challenges you may be facing with your team including exhaustion, overwhelm and procrastination. I am a One of Many™ certified women’s leadership coach and trainer (also support men to help women in their teams thrive), I have my own coach and have experienced burnout that led to being signed off work.  

I don’t know everything, that would be impossible! What I do know is I am good at listening, asking the right questions and helping others to find the answers. 

Why would I pay for coaching when I could just Google for help?

Because what is most likely to happen is this – you do a search for exhaustion so up pops a meaning. So you’re clear on what it means, great! Now you click on an article with symptoms which leads to ‘4 signs you are exhausted’ – in this article is a link to depression and you watch a video (once you have waited for ad to pass), then up pops the next video, and the next.. and so on until you actually feel overwhelmed and exhausted  – do you feel better now? I hazard a guess the answer is, no.  

In my experience people want to choose fast and focused over FREE.  

In fact, there is an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Is coaching the right thing for me?

Imagine you have your hand up in front of your face, each time you agree with one of these statements put your finger down: 

1. Struggling with self-doubt and stuck in a cycle of over thinking that is wearing your down? 
2. Working all the hours but don’t feel like at end of the day you are achieving anything? 
3. Fed up with missing out on life, but feel guilty when you do something fun just for you? 
4. Keep saying yes, when you are wanting to say no? 
5. Are you afraid to take the next step for fear of overwhelm or lack confidence in your own abilities? 

If you are now fingerless then coaching can help, make you whole again. 

Can I ask my work to invest in coaching?

Yes, absolutely what a great idea to ask your work to invest in your confident leadership through coaching with me.  

Before you start asking, you deserve to have what you need to be a confident leader who is energised not exhausted – remember you are a driving force behind the organisation you work for, helping to set the vision, champion the strategy, inspire teams and manage the organisation through its challenges. You do not have to do this alone, ask for what you need using these six steps; 

1. Make an appointment with whoever can agree in the investment, be clear what you are wanting to talk about; 
2. At the appointed time start with saying how you feel, and what you need; 
3. Share what investing in you through coaching would provide you with; 
4. Share what is in it for them; 
5. Ask ‘is there anything you need to be able to give me what I need to be my most confident self’; 
6. Agree on a way forward. 

Good luck ? 

If you would like some more ideas about asking for what you need, send me a [email protected] to ask about raising an invoice or spreading payment over two instalments.   

I think that more of my colleagues would benefit from your support, can you help with this?

I work as part of the Charity Coaches Collective (independent coaches working collaboratively to support growth in the charity sector). Together we could help you to support and empower a group of employees with transition, change and to foster better ways of working together towards your charity’s mission, vision and strategy. 

We can build a tailored programme that may include workshops, facilitated sessions, 1-to-1 coaching and group coaching, all designed for you and your needs with a focus on areas such as feeling overwhelmed, emerging leaders, returning to work and building effective relationships. 

In a recent programme with the Mental Health Foundation 92% of respondents said that they would recommend coaching to a colleague. 

“Really beneficial experience. Learning I can take forward through my career” 

“Non-judgemental space to reflect and identify alternative strategies” 

I don’t have time for coaching!

Are you sure? I invite you to stop right now for just one minute, breathe deeply and really feel into your connection with the chair, or your feet on the floor. Keep breathing. Now imagine who it would feel to gift yourself not just a minute of space to reflect but 60 minutes – it could feel like one client who said it was like an oasis in a busy day. 

Still not sure you have time; well could you commit to just one hour? Take a step forward in 60 minutes. While going deeper is better, starting small is a good first step. Book a power hour to bring a specific challenge that you would like help moving forward with; or if you know that you can’t go on like this but can’t see where to start; or you are just curious about coaching and want to find out more. 

Book a Power Hour. Take a first step to being energised not exhausted. Email me today and lets get this booked in! 

If there is a question you have that has not been answered please do email me at [email protected]