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Not sure that you’re ready to take the first step towards investing in yourself? Want to learn a bit more about how I can help? Take this micro-step and download my free resources!

Getting Back in Flow

Three balancing activities to create healthier headspace, with a better life balance.
First, take a moment, take a deep breathe, and give thanks to yourself for recognising that feeling balanced will come from looking after yourself first.
I hope you find these three balancing activities helpful. If there is someone in your life who your feel may need a little more balance in their lives, to find their flow please do share this!

Investment in You

You are clear about why coaching will benefit you personally and at work, now it is time to demonstrate this to others; because you would like to ask your employer to invest in your personal development through coaching as part of their learning and development programme. This guide provides a simple script for having a powerful asking for investment conversation and guide to where to find evidence for a case for supporting your development. 

Nurturing future leaders – case study & tips 

This article provides background to why the Mental Health Foundation chose to invest in their people through one-to-one and group coaching. It also includes some building blocks for effective leadership. Read for your own interest, and if you are wanting to invite your employer to consider coaching as part of learning and development programme as evidence of the value.  

Festive Season Survival Guide

The festive season is fast approaching, for many of us this is an exciting time of twinkling lights, cosy nights in or entertaining nights out, time with family or friends and presents that are given or received – time to rest, replenish and be ready for action. However, for some of us just the thought of festivities and finishing our work while the chaos continues around us, is exhausting not energising. I hope that the tips and tools in this guide may help you calm your busy mind, help you feel at your best – for yourself and those that need you at this festive time.