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I have a vision to empower leaders to feel confident, to manage day to day stress with ease, to feel energised not exhausted, and I recognise that a powerful way to achieve this is to collaborate with partners who support the charity sector and share my vision. If you are interested in creating a partnership with me, please get in touch via [email protected].

CIOF Fundraising Convention 3-4th July 2024

Fundraising Convention is the largest in-person event for fundraising professionals in the UK, and the one time of year, we meet as a sector to feel part of a community that will support and empower us.  

The 2024 Fundraising Convention theme is Learning and Thriving Together. Providing a space to imagine what could be possible, a place to be inspired, a place to discover, to learn best practices, to network with others and to get curious about coaching!

I am excited to announce that for the second year Sarah Tite Coaching has been invited to bring together their team of diverse, certified, charity experienced coaches that you will be able to book a FREE taster coaching session with throughout the duration of the event (online and in-person slots will be available). Take a look below for a taster of who may be on hand to support you if you are grappling with challenges at work, want to make a change or would like to talk about how coaching could support your organisation. Watch this space, follow CIOF on LinkedIn or email me.

WR Fundraising Recruitment

WR Fundraising Recruitment specialise in finding great fundraising Jobs for great fundraising people. They were looking for a way to extend their support beyond a simple recruitment solution, to work with candidates along their career journey, to help them perform at their best as they ‘hit the ground running’ in their new role. We now work together to offer placed candidates three optional one-to-one coaching sessions held on Teams.  

As well as inviting charity partners to invest in their new team members supporting them to quickly establish themselves, to confidently take action towards achieving goals and become more self-reliant with a programme of one-to-one coaching, with ongoing monitoring of progress towards intentions set.  

Taking up Sarah’s coaching as a new starter has really helped me to get the best start possible in my new role. 

Joining the charity sector was new to me and with a newly formed role too, an external coach has been really helpful to help me better understand the dynamics, as well as hit the ground running.

During the sessions with Sarah, we discussed not only how I was finding the new role, but other challenges i’ve faced in my professional career, particularly since becoming a manager and leader. Sarah took time to work through experiences with me which in turn helped to provide validation and increased confidence in myself.

This has had an empowering impact in my new role, especially on the way I work day to day. I learnt quite a lot about myself in just a few sessions with Sarah, and i’m pleased to have had this opportunity to focus on my professional development.

Summa, Head of Marketing and Communications

Fundraising Everywhere

Fundraising Everywhere want to change the world! Supporting fundraisers who dedicate their careers to good causes but often without access to formal training or support. They have created an accessible and supportive online community, where fundraisers can connect with peers, keep up with sector trends and learn new skills. 

When they were developing their new member-exclusive Confident Charity Leaders Programme, it felt so right to be working together! Not only can you access my session ‘Energy & Effectiveness: Calming the Chaos of Competing Demands’ but most excitingly they are funding a 30 minute one-to-one coaching session with me, or one of my qualified charity experienced coaching team.   

Sound good? Your first step is to become a Fundraising Everywhere Member, if you are not already!