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How to…Nurture Future Leaders

    Successful leaders are the driving force behind charities. They set the vision, inspire teams and manage the organisation through its challenges. It is essential, therefore, that we develop their skills and provide the support needed for each person to thrive, making their difference sustainably.  

    As a One of Many™ certified leadership coach and trainer, I know the powerful impact coaching can have for people to manage overwhelm, change, confidence, relationships and returning to work. It was for this reason that while I was Director of Fundraising and Communication at the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) I started a conversation internally with senior leaders, about how coaching could help support the implementation of MHFs new organisational and people strategy.  

    These conversations led to piloting a one-to-one coaching programme with 92% of participants saying they would recommend coaching to a colleague. 

    If you would like to find out more about why the Mental Health Foundation chose to develop a coaching programme, full results from evaluation and what happened next, as well as some tips on the building blocks to good leadership please click below!

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