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Amy Shepherd

    Location: London

    – Team workshops covering topics such as Senior Leadership Development and Executive Profiling, Team Development, Motherhood and Leadership, and Making Hybrid Working Work For You;
    – 1:1 Coaching
    – Career Coaching Programme
    – Interview Power Hour
    – Career Coaching for Redundancy
    – Leadership Profiling
    – Confidence, Resilience and Imposter Syndrome (group programme)

    About Amy:

    I help people perform brilliantly at work. I empower and enable people to meet their potential. I love creating engaging, interactive workshops, inspiring people to take action and make a change.

    I am an expert in senior level facilitation, leadership development and career coaching. I design and facilitate team and organisational development initiatives, helping you maximise the performance of your people. I offer one-to-one coaching, including psychometric profiling, to help you identify your strengths and development areas, and help you navigate the next step in your career.

    I believe we always have a choice in our career. We spend 80,000 hours at work over our lives. Let’s make sure we’re doing something we think is worthwhile – something we love, something we’re good at, or something that will make a difference in the world.